When is the Best Time for a Kitchen Renovation?

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen and wondering when is the best time for a kitchen renovation? There is no correct answer here, as each season has its pros and cons. Kitchen renovations usually happen indoors, unless you are expanding, so whichever season you choose, the renovation will be possible. What the best time for a kitchen renovation is, depends on your needs as well. Finding the right contractor, choosing that perfect design, saving up enough money, and patience through the renovation is what you need to say the least. Let us see how you can determine with ease what is the most suitable time for a kitchen renovation for you.


After a long, cold winter comes the spring and life start to bloom. So do the kitchen renovations, as most of them happen exactly in spring. Temperatures can fluctuate in spring, and go from subzero in March to quite hot in May, but since you are doing an indoor renovation, it suits just fine. Most of the time the weather is mild, you have plenty of sunshine, and it is not extremely hot. This is why most people choose to do a kitchen renovation in spring. This, on the other hand, directly impacts the final bill you will pay. The contractors are harder to find and are more expensive, so if you are doing a kitchen renovation on a budget, you should be careful about this aspect.


Summer is a perfect time for a kitchen renovation, as far as the weather is concerned. You will be enjoying warm weather for several months with plenty of natural light. Natural light is important when choosing the right colors for your kitchen, as they will look just perfect if chosen under the right light.

You will find it easier to prepare food in the summer

Kitchen renovations require you to rearrange your former way of preparing food. Since your stove, microwave, and sink will be unavailable for a certain period, you need to get creative. Eating out seems to be a perfect solution (and sometimes the only solution), but it tends to affect your finances. Summer is the perfect time for a kitchen renovation, as you can simply eat in your backyard. You can put your grill to use, and eat grilled vegetables and meat every day. If you haven`t had the time so far to make a picnic and enjoy it with your family, summer is the perfect time for this.

Go on a vacation and come back to a renovated kitchen…

Summers are also perfect because this is the time of vacation, kids don`t go to school, and you can go anywhere you want. If you trust your contractors, you can go on a vacation and come back to a renovated kitchen. This will save you a lot of discomforts, for sure. On the other hand, if your kids will go on a summer camp, you can stay to overlook the process. Other seasons don`t offer these possibilities to such an extent, making summer one of the best periods for a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovation

…but, book the professionals in advance

Summer is like spring, one of the busiest seasons for a kitchen renovation. This also means that it is not easy to find professionals who charge less. But, if you start searching for professionals on time, and book them in advance, you may make a great deal.


Fall is also a great time to start working on your kitchen renovation. With plenty of natural light, it will be easy to choose the perfect colors for your new kitchen. Although the majority of kitchen renovation projects take place in spring or summer, there is still a lot of work in the fall. People want to renovate their kitchens and enjoy the fresh, new ambient by the time holidays arrive. This makes it hard to find a cheap deal for your kitchen renovation, but you may be in luck.

On the other hand, you may easily find some good deals for your kitchen appliances or other renovating material in the fall. This is because retailers are clearing out the old stock, and preparing for the new season already. You can benefit from good deals, and even if you are planning a kitchen renovation for next year, it may be wise to purchase what you need in the time of discounts and great deals.

Kitchen Renovation in Progress


Winter is the least favorable time of the year for a kitchen renovation, but it does not always have to be like this. Most people avoid kitchen renovations in winter as they want to celebrate the holidays with friends and family without thinking about doing a renovation. But, if you are spending holidays somewhere else, or if you are not celebrating them, then winter may be just the right time for you to do a kitchen renovation.

Cons of doing a kitchen renovation in winter

Winter is a slow season, so you may be able to find contractors easier and pay less money for the work done. However, you can expect delays in product lead times due to holidays and clearing out the stock. It is more likely that you will experience delays in winter than in any other season of the year.

Start planning your kitchen renovation on time

Planning kitchen renovation - Floor Plan

We have seen what each season of the year has to offer in terms of weather and pricing, but planning your kitchen renovation on time will make any time perfect for a kitchen renovation. Start saving money as soon as you can, research for some kitchen remodeling ideas, book a high-quality kitchen renovation service, find experienced designers, and find a place to eat on an everyday basis. If you need just cosmetic improvements to your kitchen, check out some Design Depot kitchen remodel concepts and figure out what’s the best time for a kitchen renovation for you.

Finally, after finding the professionals, choosing the new look of your kitchen, reorganizing your life, remember to enjoy the process, and not stress out too much. Good luck!