Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

Whether you’re looking to add only a touch of luxury to your kitchen, minimalist kitchen design or you want to completely change it, our NJ kitchen remodeling ideas and kitchen design trends in 2021 will inspire you to take your kitchen style to the next level.

Wood revival

Wood finish used to be a not-so-fashionable thing, but the comeback of this style is more than obvious in 2021. To follow this kitchen trend, think subtle and pale wood colors, or go for a walnut worktop to make a contrast and compliment warm kitchen tones.

Two-tone kitchen

Blended kitchens with dark units contrasting brighter shades add interest to the visual space in 2021. Combining two colors gives you limitless choices and you can play around using different colors of walls, nj kitchen cabinets, and worktops to find the most appealing solution.

Bold and dark

Another kitchen trend that’s having a moment is dark color for cabinets, walls, worktops, and even taps. Black and navy colors are especially popular and they make a whole kitchen get a luxurious vibe, while other rustic or industrial elements help make it homely or modern.

Black Kitchen Design Trends

Bright accents

Pops of color are the next trend that’s seen in kitchen designs this year. From kitchen appliances, to window trims, and unexpected décor pieces, bright colors are a must in 2021. You don’t have to overdo it until you figure out how many colors you’re comfortable with. For a beginning, paint one wall or one section using the color of your choice, or try adding a few powerful decorative items to see how you feel about it. Keep in mind that color should be the one that you generally like, because after the current trends are no longer “in”, you’ll still want to be pleased when you enter your kitchen space.

Handless cabinets

Simplicity and streamlined look are the next on our list of hottest kitchen design trends for 2021. Push-open and close doors are certainly convenient, but they also show that you care about contemporary and free-flowing design. If handless cabinets are not your cup of tea, you can also choose recessed handles that will give you the same appearance and their color can contrast cabinets for extra detail.

Gold statement

One of the key design choices to make in 2021 is adding a gold color to your kitchen. Implement gold as detail by replacing your tap, or take it a step further and get a gold sink. Kitchen taps and sinks are no longer to be purely practical, but they also serve as statement pieces.

Lived-in look

We’ve seen an incredible increase in making the kitchen feel personalized and a comfort zone. A homely and inviting kitchen is one of the biggest kitchen design trends for 2021, and you can achieve it by adding carefully selected items that speak to you, such as decorative china, artwork, culinary books, sentimental souvenirs, and whatever makes space feel more lived-in.

Hidden appliances

So many new gadgets appear on the market daily, and we’ll be seeing much more in the future. While the fact that we want to have them because they’re useful or just plain cool, that doesn’t mean that we actually want to display them. Hidden appliances are one of the new kitchen trends. Concealment solutions are a way to go if you want to achieve a streamlined finish without affecting the kitchen style.

Goodbye to open plans

An open-plan design has been domineering for a while, but in 2021, quite the opposite is in demand. A “broken plan” or “zoning” trend creates zones that are designated for cooking, reading, or relaxing, using different tools to accomplish this like plants, screens, freestanding furniture, etc. While an open plan feels spacious, zoning is definitely very practical, especially considering that many people have to work from home and need more defined spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fashion and Luxury Kitchen

Hand-painted cabinetry

Whether you choose to have a contemporary kitchen with modern design or prefer a country one, hand-painted cabinets are a go-to kitchen trend for 2021. This option is more eco-friendly, offers endless color options, as well as freedom to express yourself completely. Another benefit of hand-painted cabinets is that you can always have them repainted if you want a change of style in the future.

Floating shelves

Instead of going for traditional upper cabinets, this year we’re seeing floating shelves that are not only practical but also a great way to take your décor out. Having open spaces to display your favorite accessories is one of the favorite trends of this year.

All white

White kitchens are not a new trend, but rather the enduringly popular one that continues to be a favorite among many people in 2021. Many aspects add to its beauty – it’s clean, calming, and can be used in all types of kitchens. Another benefit of a white kitchen is that it’s likely to appeal to potential buyers in case you decide to sell your property in the future.

White Kitchen

Pantry and clever storage solutions

While your kitchen should be visually appealing to you, this year its practicality is increasingly popular. Having storage space and a pantry is useful because it makes it easy to organize all the food goods instead of being scattered around in various drawers and cabinets.

Retro + modern

There’s nothing wrong in going for a design that was once domineering interior design around the world. But do go ahead and add a little twist to it. Taking inspiration from the old design and combining it to sit perfectly alongside modern solutions may be your next favorite kitchen project.


Known as a synonym for luxury, marble is making a comeback at the beginning of this century. This popular material is durable and sustainable. But, it also makes a great tool for making a kitchen space get a high-end vibe.

Walnut cabinetry

Another way to add luxury to your kitchen is to add walnut to it. Walnut cabinets give the rich color and natural warmth, instantly upgrading the space.

Check our 3D kitchen visualizer which can help you create photo-realistic images of your future kitchen.