Bathroom Tile Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2022

The year 2022 has given us some exceptional bathroom tile trends and we enjoy every one of them. We have created this useful guide on the most popular bathroom tile trends as we want you to take a good look at what is trendy, but at the same time everlasting. Always choose tiles from high-quality materials, and have the best professionals implement them into your bathroom. And then, you will have nothing else to do but relax and enjoy in your new oasis.

Terrazzo tiles

Each terrazzo tile is unique, as there are no two identical tiles of this type. Hence, it is no wonder that terrazzo tiles are dominant when it comes to bathroom tile trends in 2022. They will give your bathroom an artistic feel, and they will turn your bathroom into an oasis you will enjoy spending time in. One of the best benefits of this tile type is its durability. They can last for a lifetime, as they are easy to maintain, and are water-resistant.

Terrazzo tiles are also eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled glass and marble, granite, and quartz. These natural materials are tied together by a concrete base, before being polished and ready to make your bathroom look marvelous.

Terrazzo Bathroom Tiles

Half-tiled bathrooms are super trendy in 2022

Yes, tiles to the ceiling are trendy as well, but half-tiled bathrooms are unique, beautiful, and trendy. For this type of bathroom, you can choose any type of bathroom tiles that you want. Marble, hexagonal, or timber-like tiles will all fit in just perfectly. The bottom half of the bathroom should be covered in tiles, whereas the upper half is left to your imagination. You can paint it in the same color as the tiles, or use wallpaper with the motives that you most like. This is a perfect opportunity to turn your bathroom into a spa-like room.

Timber-like tiles

Timber-like tiles are a divine perfection when it comes to tiles, and are among the highest-rated bathroom tile trends in 2022. While timber is a great choice when it comes to flooring, it is not ideal for wet areas such as the bathroom.

If you love the timber look, and you want to implement it in your bathroom, the timber-like tiles are all that you need. They require little or no maintenance and are extremely durable. Choose between oak, cedar, or pine-looking tiles, and we promise you, that no one will know the difference at all.

In the past, people shied away from using this type of tiles, because they were porous. But, with new advanced technologies, and effective coatings, there are virtually no downsides to using timber-like tiles in your bathroom.

Timber-like Bathroom Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are among the best bathroom tile trends we`ll be seeing in 2022

Hexagonal tiles are a fantastic choice for the bathroom this year. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, consider these tiles. They will look exceptional both as the floor tiles and wall tiles as well.

For floor tiles, we recommend using pure white hexagonal tiles, especially if the bathroom is smaller. They will visually enlarge the space. Hexagonal tiles are certainly a great option to materialize your small bathroom remodel ideas. When it comes to wall tiles, you can choose from a wide array of colors, and be certain that each of them would fit your bathroom perfectly. Subtle grey is a popular choice, but you can go darker or lighter if you want, and you will make no mistake.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are outdated according to some, however, they are really popular in the year 2022. It is their simple, classic look that makes them appealing to many. A perfect choice for your bathroom, where you can choose the grout to be black and stand out, or blended by painting in the same color as the tiles themselves. Easy to maintain, not extremely expensive, in various colors, they will fit into your bathroom and make it amazing.

Subway-like Bathroom Tiles

Travertine tiles

If you are planning to renovate your style in warm, earthy tones, travertine tiles are your best ally. With them, you will be able to achieve a natural style with ease. Another reason why these tiles are among the top bathroom tile trends is that they are not as expensive as marble, yet they are durable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance.

The only reason why people are hesitant to use them is that travertine tiles are prone to porosity. However, with the right finish, this issue is successfully resolved.

Marble tiles

Marble tiles will never go out of style and will be among the top bathroom tile trends every year. We can guarantee this, as marble tiles give you a sense of luxury no other tile can do. High-quality material and a significant financial investment go hand in hand when it comes to implementing marble tiles into your bathroom.

Regardless, marble tiles are some of the most beautiful tiles on the market. They will greatly contribute to the sense of well-being in the bathroom. While they are expensive, chances are you will never have to change them again as they are extremely durable and low-maintenance. Plus, if you renovate your bathroom using marble tiles, your household value will rise if you decide to sell the house later on.

Marble Bathroom Tiles

Remodel your bathroom with reliable professionals

We have seen some of the best bathroom tile trends that will be popular in 2022. However, no matter how beautiful the tiles may be, it is important to remember that it is the skillful hand of an experienced professional who puts the tiles together that creates the magic. Hire reliable professionals to remodel your bathroom as this is the only way you will be able to enjoy all the benefits your new tiles may bring you. Additionally, when the tiles are put together by a pro, this increases the market value of your house even more. Here, at Design Depot bathroom remodeling, we can help you choose the best tiles and design your new dream bathroom. You can also use our bathroom visualizer tool to choose the best tiles for your bathroom.

When choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, there is no reason to hurry. Advanced technology has enabled us to enjoy a plethora of different colors, styles, and designs when it comes to tiles. The wide variety of choices should not frighten you, rather it should inspire you to make excellent choices.