Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Does your bathroom appear to be way too small? Are you tired of bumping into cabinet doors? Perhaps the time is right to do a small bathroom remodel. This will make your life easier, and you will enjoy spending the time in this frequently used room in the house. A bathroom is a place where you can clean yourself, relax, apply makeup and it is important that you feel pleasant there. This useful guide will give you plenty of ideas on how to remodel your small bathroom. You will be surprised to see how much you can change for the better even though the bathroom is small in dimensions.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Set up a budget first for your small bathroom remodel

As we mentioned and are about to show you, there are plenty of small bathroom remodel ideas. You will be able to transform your bathroom on your own or with the help of professional constructors. Whatever the case may be, you must know in advance how much money can you spend on remodeling. Set the limit for how much you want to spend and stick to it. Not only will this be great for your finances, but it will also help you make decisions easier, as you will know the money limit.

Check whether you will need a building permit

When remodeling anything in your house, it is essential to know whether you need a permit for it. There is no reason to pay a fine, or face a claim because you want to do something around your house. So, when you decide what is exactly that you want to do, check whether you need a permit for it. Some basic things like windows change do not need a permit, but plumbing and electricity can fall under that category.

DIY – Yes, or no?

This depends on your unique bathroom situation. Depending on how much work there is, what level of skills does it require, how much free time do you have you should decide whether you want to remodel your bathroom on your own or hire professionals. Our advice is that you should always hire professionals if you are not sure about the remodeling procedures, and you don`t have enough time or skills. On the other hand, you can always do some small things such as painting a bathroom and leave the plumbing to the professionals, for example.

Small bathroom remodel ideas

Once you have figured out the money limit, and who will do all the work, you can explore the infinite options when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom. With a little bit of knowledge, creativity, and skill you can do wonders for your bathroom décor.

Replace the tub with a shower

One of the first things you can do to make your bathroom appear bigger is to replace your tub with a shower. That is, of course, unless you enjoy taking hot baths several times a month. In that case, you can proceed to read other ideas. If this is not the case, however, replace the tub with a shower and save up a lot of space. We recommend that you install glass shower doors as they will not cramp the place.

Shower in the Small BathroomImprove the lightening

Lightening can truly do wonders when it comes to how you feel in a certain room. Improve the lighting in the bathroom by adding lights by the sink and also by the mirrors. A well-lit up bathroom is one of the best remodeling ideas for a small bathroom as it will immediately become more spacious.

Install shelves

Shelves are one of the ways in which you can place a lot of items in your small bathroom, without feeling overwhelmed by it. A good thing about shelves is that there are so many different ways in which you can use them. Our favorite way to use shelves is to place them in the corners and gain much more space. Corner shelves can be used for your towels and hygienic items.

Open cabinets

Besides shelves, you can use open cabinets when remodeling your bathroom. If you have cabinets with doors, you will inevitably make the space smaller as you will be opening the doors of the cabinets quite often. Instead, opt for open cabinets that you will use for your everyday items.

Use the magic of the vertical line

Whenever you can go vertical. Your shelves and cabinets can do all the way up to the ceiling. Without too many items on the floor, your bathroom will appear much larger. Place the items you don`t use frequently on the top of the cabinets and closer to the ceiling. On the other, place the items you use often within your hand reach.

Choose tiles wisely

Tiles dictate the atmosphere of the bathroom. If you choose dark tiles with tiny elements on them, you will make your bathroom look even smaller. On the other hand, tiles with large squares or wide stripes will make your bathroom appear a lot bigger.

Bathroom Tiles

Paint your bathroom in light colors

Light colors will illuminate the bathroom, especially if you don`t have natural light coming in. Choose colors such as white, or beige. If you think that your bathroom will look monotonous, just spice things up with a funny wallpaper. Place the wallpaper on one wall only, and it will amaze you. There are so many different wallpapers to choose from, and we recommend a floral one or the one with bright colors.

Install a skylight

This is something that you will need a permit for doing, but it is worth it. A skylight will add depth to your bathroom, and you will be able to relax much more when taking a hot bath. This is a perfect solution for your bathroom if you don`t have windows on the walls.

Bathroom Skylight

As we have seen there are many wonderful ideas for a small bathroom remodeling. Choose wisely and consult with a professional before you do any of these. You can check Design Depot bathroom visualizer. Good luck with your bathroom remodeling!