Wood Flooring For Your Home


A wood flooring is and always will be synonyms of warmth and quality. If you are thinking of remodeling your home and softening its appearance with a wooden floor, we recommend you to first be aware of its main characteristics and to consider important aspects when making the change. But for your calmness, because we want to make your life easier, here are some tips.

Hardness and Stability

There are two key factors that will ensure the durability of the material: First, the hardness. This is directly related to the strength that the floor can withstand without getting marked. Due to the former reason, the use of softer woods is highly recommended. The second, but equally important factor is to evaluate its stability. This is measured by the tendency to suffer variations or movements in the wooden structure since this kind of floors constantly resist pressure, humidity, and varying temperatures among others external factors.

Wood Flooring Parquet


Between the wood flooring, there are variations depending on the size of the pieces that compose it. The most typical it’s the parquet, which is made up of small wooden boards. This kind of arrangement allows an ear stick placement. The parquet is made from standardized wooden pieces.

Wood Blocks

The wood blocks floor is another alternative. It differs according to the type of cut: fixed-length wooden block is the most expensive option, as it requires the slats to remain in the same size. On the other hand, the free length is the type of positioning most widely used today as it is less expensive. It is a mid-priced option that leverages as much wood.

If you’re going to opt for this type of flooring it is important to know that their placement requires some time. Depending on the adhesive used different terms must pass before polishing the wooden floor. If the adhesive used is water-based, the process will have to wait about three months. If it is an epoxy type it can be polished within a few hours, but of course, the cost of the latter material is higher.

Laminate Your Wood Flooring

Wood FlooringAs terminate after polishing, there are various options. The laminated terminate, which consists of a thick plastic film that gives shine to the floor, with options such as matte and semi-matte. There is also the alternative of a water-based urethane coating that is odorless and dries quickly. The cost of the last one is considerably higher than the first option.

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