Top 10 Kitchen Must-Haves

The kitchen is more than just a simple room in a house. It is a place where delicious meals are made, tasted, and devoured. A kitchen is a place where family and friends gather, celebrate the good things, and overcome the bad ones. This is why your kitchen must be equipped with the essential items that will help you prepare a tasty meal, serve it, and enjoy it without much effort. We represent some of the kitchen must-haves which you can use in your kitchen for many years to come.

Kitchen must-haves

Chef’s knife

This is the very first item you should buy for your kitchen. A high-quality chef`s knife will make meal preparation easier and more joyful. Instead of getting a whole set of knives, three will be enough, but even one proper knife will satisfy all of your cutting needs. With a chef`s knife, you can cut any meat, dice vegetables with ease, cut herbs, chop nuts, whatever you think of. Of course, your knife will only be as good as the knife sharpener is, so make sure to sharpen your knives regularly. If you use your knife every day, make it a habit to sharpen it every two weeks.

Cutting board

The next item you should get for your dream kitchen is a cutting board. You can decide to buy two, one for vegetables, and the other one for meat. Preferably, use a wooden cutting board as they are durable and of great quality. On the other hand, if you use a plastic one, make sure that it is dishwasher safe so that you save on time by throwing it in the dishwasher after you finish using it.

Cutting BoardMeasuring cups

There is hardly any recipe that you are about to make that does not contain specific measures for food. If you don`t have measuring cups, you can easily end up creating a dish that lacks a certain flavor due to a disproportion of ingredients. Since food is one of the most beautiful things in the world, this should not happen. Prevent this by getting measuring cups among the first items you get for your kitchen, as they are irreplaceable. You can get sets of different sizes of measuring cups, which will measure not only solids but liquids as well.

Mixing bowls

These also come in sets and can be perfectly arranged so that doesn’t use up a lot of space in your kitchen. They come in handy whenever you have to mix anything from eggs to flour and are an irreplaceable part of making almost any dish. You can serve salads, or smaller dishes in them, as well. Whenever possible, avoid plastics as it is not recyclable. Instead, opt for bowls made from glass. They may be heavier, but they are a healthier version and will make an impact on your health.


You can use a skillet to prepare many dishes, as you can fry, sear, and sauté in it. Skillet is definitely one of the top ten kitchen must-haves. Make sure that you get a high-quality skillet, though, as it can wear out quickly if the quality is not great. The best option is to use a skillet made of stainless steel. You will be able to enjoy this item for years, even decades to come. They simply don`t change and always perform at the top level.

Medium saucepan

If you have a budget that allows it, you can buy a small, medium, and a large saucepan. If not, opt for the medium one, as it will serve you for many years, and many meals. Make a soup or a stew of great taste, as well as any sauce in the world in the saucepan. The material should also be stainless steel. This is proven to be one of the healthiest solutions for cooking your meals. Before buying them, check whether the saucepan you want to buy is dishwasher and oven safe so that you can enjoy these features as well.

Grill pan

If you are a fan of barbecue but don`t want to grill anything outside while the weather is bad, a grill pan is a right item for you. You can grill meat, and fish but also vegetables in it. Grilled vegetables are much tastier on a grill, so this may be the perfect way for you to start consuming more vegetables. The grill pan is easy to grill, you don`t even have to leave your kitchen to get the flavor you`ve been craving for, and most importantly it is easy to clean it.

A baking sheet pan

Bake or roast delicious vegetables, meat, or mouthwatering cakes with a baking sheet pan. This is an item your kitchen needs as you will be able to use it for many years before noticing any signs of usage at all. You don`t have to use a lot of oil for food preparation, so it is also a healthier way of eating. You can buy a larger sheet pan instead of buying a small, and medium-sized, so that you can use it for whichever amount of food you want, and save money along the way.

Baking Pan is One of the Ten Kitchen Must-HavesCasserole dish

A simple item that will serve you well and that you will adore. Throw in meat and vegetables and bake them in the oven and you will get a quick, healthy meal without using tons of dishes. Also, you can make lasagna or casserole in them. They are perfect for serving as well, so you can put them straight on the dining table after getting the dish out of the oven.

A stockpot

If you have a large family or like to cook for your friends, a large stockpot is a must-have in your kitchen. They can come in a 12-quart size, and this is an ideal size for a large meal. You can easily make a soup or broth in it, that you can eat for several days or lunch with your loved ones.

Here are the top 10 kitchen must-haves. Whether it’s time for a kitchen equipment upgrade or for a complete kitchen renovation, do not hesitate to reach out. Design Depot will guide you through each step of the process.