Ideas to Decorate your Restroom


The restroom is usually the most neglected room in the house as far as decoration is concerned. Being a cold space by nature, don’t you think you should make it a little more comfortable? A little more fun and original? Surprise your guests with a dose of creativity.

If you haven’t thought about it, we sure have and here we will give you some ideas for you to decorate your bathroom in an original way and with very few resources, so that it is an easier and cheaper task. This ideas will give you a different decorative touch.


Use different tones

Depending on the type and material of the bathroom and of course the color of floor, various changes in this space can be completed. As you might know, the color of the painting on the walls is an essential, as well as the accessories that are used for the decoration, so that it looks as a unified and harmonious environment.

For a formal and elegant bathroom, neutral tones are helpful, colors like beige, earth, gray, white or soothing colors such as green and blue will help the space to appear wider than it actually is. On the other hand, for modern bathrooms, mosaics can be added to one of the main bathroom walls. This will accentuate a nice focal point that will change the entire appearance of the space and make it seem modern and trendy. Mosaic walls can be combined with other modern accessories that will highlight the style. Some decorative accessories that can be included are scented candles, incense, vases with flowers, baskets or towel racks, boxes, for example.


Restroom Ceramics

Another idea is to include ceramics in a vertical half of the wall and paint the other half by hand, to provide a classic approach, a horizontal molding between both could look wonderful. We can complement this decoration with metallic elements that reflect the light and allow to balance each other. Another good idea to decorate this type of bathroom is a large decorative mirror. Depending on the decorative style that you want for your bathroom, choose a mirror that suits the room. For example, if your bathroom is decorated in vintage style, looking for a vintage mirror to harmonize with your bathroom. Finally, it is very fashionable to use glass jars to keep Q-tips and cotton, is visually beautiful and is very useful and will add a vintage touch to the space if this is the chosen style.

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