Bathroom Renovation: 5 Simple Tips to Get You Started

Renovating your bathroom is a great way to refresh your home and add value to your property. With the right plan, you can create a beautiful and functional space that will improve the quality of your life and add to your home’s overall value. 

For those considering a bathroom renovation, the following list provides a detailed overview of the most important things you should replace. This guide will help you create the perfect bathroom for your home, from toilets to tiles and showers to vanities—and where to find bathroom remodelers in Englewood, NJ. 

Use Modern Fixtures 

Replacing these major fixtures in your bathroom, whether an old-fashioned bathtub or a worn-out toilet, will make a significant difference. Long-term savings will result from replacing these as newer models frequently use less water. 

It may also be best to improve your sink, whether or not you are upgrading your vanity. Without having to replace the entire vanity, upgrading only the countertop and sink might be a terrific way to make your old vanity look brand-new.

Setup A Fresh Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is the focal point of the design of the space, as we’ve already covered. Therefore when remodeling your bathroom, now is the ideal opportunity to improve your vanity. While you should replace any broken vanity parts, you might also want to consider if you need to add storage. 

To give your vanity box a fresh look, consider replacing the faucet and cabinet doors if it’s still in good condition. Installing a shelf next to the vanity or a wider countertop for more space are two additional ways to enhance storage. In either case, it’s time to evaluate whether or not your bathroom currently satisfies all of your needs and, if not, where it could be improved.

Replace Broken Floor Tiles

A bathroom remodel is the ideal time to repair cracked or old tile on the entire floor or just one trouble spot. Considering that gaps can result in water leaks and mildew, now is also a good time to evaluate your grout and caulking. 

Even if your tile is in good shape, this is a perfect chance to refresh it or use a trendy design to give your bathroom a fresh look. Before starting any other projects, ensure the bathroom is properly sealed and caulked since it has a lot of moisture. For more information, you can also consult a bathroom remodeler. 

Put Uneven Lighting and Ends

Your bathroom’s lighting may make a big difference, especially if there is little natural light. Modern bathroom lighting is now an option to replace your drab and dim illumination. The right lighting gives the impression that the space is larger than it is. Add a skylight or larger bathroom windows to get more natural light.

Remember the tiny elements in addition to the larger replacements. Shower curtains and mirrors can be replaced to improve the appearance of your bathroom. When the bigger pieces are all put in place, you can start thinking about adding all the unique decorative elements you want.

Choose Wallpaper or Paint

Use wallpaper to give your bathroom a more opulent appearance. You can select wallpaper to fit your taste because it has various textures and patterns. If your bathroom already has wallpaper, now is the time to update and replace it.

As an alternative, you may paint your bathroom a fresh color. A room’s appearance can be swiftly and affordably changed by painting. Avoid going too dark because this will make your bathroom feel cramped and small.


Replacing your bathroom is a great way to update and modernize your space. It’s vital to take the time to research and consider all the different materials, fixtures, and features available for you to choose from. You can create a functional bathroom by considering each of these elements. 

Regarding replacing items during a bathroom renovation in Jersey City, some common items that should be replaced include the sink, toilet, tub, shower, flooring, and countertops. It would also help if you considered replacing the faucets, lighting, and mirrors. Finally, adding a heated towel bar or flooring can be the perfect finishing touch to add a little extra luxury.

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