8 Stunning Paint Ideas for Your Bathroom Design

BATHROOM REMODELING DESIGN DEPOTRemodeling your bathroom is an awesome chance to get very creative. There are many advantages to remodeling your bathroom: you get to repair any damages at the same time, remove any mildew and mold, enhance your home’s beauty, add practicality points and increase your home’s resale value. When remodeling your bathroom it’s always important to select the right color scheme. One thing you must consider is what effect you want for your bathroom. Here are 8 great ideas for a bathroom design you can implement on a budget.

Bathroom DesignBathroom Design, Ocean-themed Paint

Using blue floors combined with white paint on the walls and other blue accents like doors and frames. If you have a large budget you can also include sandblasted wall tiles to represent sea glass. Great for vacation homes, beach houses and even farm houses. You can always paint seagulls and other details to give it a nicer look.

Rustic Finish

You can use a green or light brown paint to create a branch pattern on your walls, or a woods wallpaper to create a rustic finish in your bathroom design. Match it with wooden furniture and accents. Great for people who love outdoors and to give children a natural feel in the bathroom. Also great to pair up with small bathrooms as it gives them a lot of depth.

Big Stripes

Big vertical stripes in pastel colors combined with white stripes always create a cute effect. It’s an awesome bathroom design for shared rooms as it usually appeals to the whole family, regardless of gender and age. Combining pastel tones with while will allow plenty of natural lighting so you can see all the other details in furniture and design.

Bathroom DesignNatural Tones

Another great choice for nature lovers. Use light green wallpapers or paint patterns of leaves, flowers and vines for a boldly designed bathroom. Use liberal stints of white to keep it light and give the impression of freshness necessary to pull it off.

Feminine Touch

Like the name implies, women love this design. Use wallpaper covered with candy or other feminine-looking bathroom designs and patterns. Also use matching accessories like towels and linen to add the finishing touches.

Bright Colors

Fun design for children. Use bright colors with a neutral background (such as white or beige colors) while combining them with different prints and cartoons to let your kids enjoy the bathroom as much as you will.

download (1)Black on Black

This design usually works if you have good natural lighting and large windows. Using granite tops is also an awesome idea as you can combine them with black toilets, sinks and glass shower enclosures.

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