5 storage hacks for small bathrooms

remodel your Bathroom

Small bathrooms are rarely tidy, they usually messy with a ton of bathroom product shoved into a poor cabinet. The real problem is to organize things in the small space. What you have to do to solve this issue is to make use of any space available efficiently. You just need to be creative.
In this article, you will find some inspiration about which space you can make use of and what things you need to buy to support the purpose. Here are 5 storage hacks for small bathrooms.

1. Use hanging baskets.
Have you ever gotten ready to shower and realize you did not bring the towel? You need to make that hard decision of putting your clothes back or risk giving anyone a free entertaining show as you run to the closet. Move those towels and washcloths back into the bathroom by placing them in hanging baskets on the wall.
Extra tip: If you roll clothes it will fit more of them in the suitcase, the same thing goes with a towel. When you roll the extra towel instead of folding, you can fit more towels in a particular space. It will also make your bathroom feel like a spa.

2. Use the space above the door.
One area that is commonly ignored in a bathroom is the space above the door. It is a perfect place to add a shelf. You can use them to store extra towels, toilet paper, or other beauty products. To support the weight, put the rack on the top of door molding and make sure just to put small items there, so the weight is minimal.
3. be smart with the cabinet space.
Ever coincidentally throw things under the sink cabinet and never see them again? Get the space organized with a roll-out drawer. This simple feature will save space and allow you to get small items easily.

4. Make the most of a toilet paper.
Get yourself a floating square shelf and place it on a toilet paper holder. This technique will give you an extra shelf that you can use to place small items, such as books or decorations.
You can also make a DIY toilet paper holder to fit extra rolls. You can find the tutorial on the internet.

5. Use different spacing.
You can surround your toilet with storage a small, vertical shelf or storage box will work well. Alternatively, you can even build a little cabinet to place toilet paper, newspaper, and other bathroom stuff.
These tip works wonder especially for businesses, allowing customers and staff to have easy access to extra supplies.
With these storage hacks for small bathrooms, you can say goodbye to your old cluttered bathroom. You do not need an expensive thing to solve the small bathroom problem.