Kitchen Cabinet Trends For 2022

Renovation is a great opportunity to refresh the appearance of your home, increase comfort, make your family happy, and increase the value of your home. Although renovation can be very stressful, it doesn`t have to be if you organize and plan out the whole renovation properly. The most common spaces people renovate are usually kitchens and bathrooms, which can be quite tricky to renovate, especially if you have no prior experience on the subject. If you plan to renovate your kitchen, getting to know the kitchen cabinet trends for 2022 is crucial for a successful kitchen renovation project.

There are two methods on how to renovate your kitchen. The first one is an option for a DIY renovation, and the second one is hiring a professional to take care of the process for you. In any case, there are a couple of aspects you need to think about, while the most important is your budget. So, to avoid confusion and any possible complications, make sure to conduct a budget and reserve 10-15 % for additional expenses.

Furthermore, one of the biggest problems you need to think about is trends, since trends change every season, which is very important if you want to increase the value of your home and sell it later on. So, make sure not to fall for common myths about remodeling your kitchen and be smart about your choices. Luckily, we explored some of the most popular kitchen cabinet trends for 2022, which we`ll gladly present to you in the following text below.

Cabinet Colors

First, we`ll focus on cabinets and their colors since they can make a big difference and grant a totally new appearance to your kitchen. So, it`s always a good idea to start from the cabinets. In the recent past, the most popular trend was stark white. We recommend you consider going for warm white and earthy colors, especially if you are a white kitchen lover. Also, if you love that warm feeling, think about greige tones, which will keep the kitchen light and give it an airy feel. For those of you that don`t know what greige looks like, it’s a mixture of beige and warm grey. If you are worried that greige tones will make your kitchen look outdated, don`t worry; this trend is still up to date.

Natural colors are another great trend you can follow without making a single mistake, and this season it seems that wooden cabinets have taken over. It`s a trendy and a great design choice with a very warm and cozy factor. However, if you don`t like the earthy look, the black and white kitchen moment is timeless since it is the universal kitchen color trend out there.

Natural-colored Kitchen Cabinets Are In Trend In 2022

Tie and Backsplash

Although it might seem that glazed tiles are an old trend since it was very popular somewhere around 2015. But you`re mistaken; back in 2015, those glazed tiles were actually subway tiles. We know that they look alike, but in 2022 it seems that you can`t go wrong with them. These tiles have a very light and slick finish making them easy to fit in with almost any style. And now, let`s talk about very thin grout lines that will give you a very clean and fresh look. There is always an option to go for a ceiling backsplash, so we recommend taking the tile while giving it a focal point.


The next on our list are kitchen countertop trends. Quartz countertops are timeless, and this season, white shades remain the most popular trend for decades and are probably the best option for everyone attracted to marble. White quartz also creates a family-friendly atmosphere and a very warm look. Another benefit is that white quartz is very stain-proof.

When talking solely about marble finishes, the only problem here is that it is not very practical. However, still, it is very popular when it comes to high-end luxury kitchens.


Unfortunately, homeowners can wait for more than six months until the kitchen appliances arrive.

So, we`re bound to spend more money on them. Our first recommendation that seems to be very trendy is smart appliances. Due to very advanced technology, smart appliances are specifically made to integrate with everyday living. You`ll be able to heat up your oven while coming back from work without you having to be present in the house. Also, you can get the appliances services without the presence of a technician. When talking about colors, white is, again, the most popular trend simply because this color reflects beauty and cleanliness. The trend from 2021 of panel-ready appliances is still going on since it`s very attractive and easy to clean.

Modern Kitchen Appliances


It seems that mixing metals is more popular than ever, especially since the combination can really update your kitchen. Mixing metals is a great form of experimenting while still implementing a modern look. So, what kind of metals are we referring to? When talking about classic metals, think about going for polished nickel. Also, don`t forget about black, since it is extremely easy to clean and represents a timeless color. We do recommend copper since it is a well-liked metal for a couple of years. Gold is timeless and will give your kitchen that 80`s look most people dream of.


Instead of dealing with pantry closets, you`d want increased storage by installing bigger working pantries that are specifically made to help a larger number of items. They come in all sizes meaning that you can easily pick out the right size for your kitchen. Besides being very trendy, they are a great way to increase storage instead of dealing with a couple of pantries. Moreover, they will accentuate the minimalism of your kitchen, which is a dealbreaker for some.


We hope you enjoyed our article and found some great ways to enhance the overall look of your home and increase its value if you are planning to sell it. If you are having trouble with performing the renovation by yourself, we recommend hiring a professional NJ kitchen renovation service to help, especially if you have no time or prior experience on the subject. In any case, best of luck, and don`t forget about the most popular kitchen cabinet trends for 2022