How To Choose The Right Sink For Your Bathroom

There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom, and choosing the right sink for your bathroom is just one step along the way. From rustic farmhouse basins to elegant vessels, there are a variety of styles, materials, and forms of sinks. But, before you choose your sink, keep in mind that function is just as important as appearance. Consider which room you’re buying for, who will use it, and how much space you have available. Take into account how much usage the bathroom will see. You’ll want a sink that’s lasting and easy to clean if it’ll be used every day by many people.

We all want a bathroom that looks like it belongs in a home décor magazine, but the materials used in those styles are more fragile and difficult to maintain. Let’s look at some more things to keep in mind while selecting the right sink.

Size and material

There are many different materials to opt from when it comes to sinks. It all comes down to selecting something that appeals to your individual preferences. Bathroom sinks are most often made of porcelain, but stainless steel, cast iron, stone resin, tempered glass, fireclay, and even wood may all be sculpted into any size or shape. The material of your sink will ultimately influence its aesthetic appeal and longevity.

One thing to think about is how well the material you pick will withstand cleaning treatments. Some materials are more prone to deterioration than others and need different maintenance than porcelain. Copper, for example, need the use of specific cleaning and wax. Before you finally choose a sink, make sure you’re informed of its maintenance requirements.

The size of your sink is up to you, but it should be appropriate for the proportions of your room. It’s pointless to have a spectacularly enormous basin if the rest of the room is eaten up by it. If you’re short on space, consider a corner sink. On the other hand, having two basins in a shared bathroom might be really handy if you have the space.

A White Bathroom Sink

Popular types of sinks

Top-mounted sinks: This sink is the most popular because it is simple to install and fits directly into the pre-cut hole on most vanities. The rim or lip of a top-mounted, also known as a drop-in sink, sits on the countertop. The body of the sink is usually behind the counter, with only the rim visible above the surface. Depending on the style, the rim might be either slender or thick. Most countertop materials, including wood and laminate, are good for top-mount sinks since the cutout is covered by the sink. They’re also less expensive to install on a stone countertop than under-mount sinks since the cutout edges don’t need to be polished.

Under-mount sinks

This sink is hidden behind the counter. The sink’s rim is attached to the underside of the counter rather than sitting on top of it. Because less of the sink is visible, it gives a smooth, clean effect. This is a convenient solution for family bathrooms. Beware that these sinks are also more expensive than top-mount sinks. Also, it isn’t recommended for laminate countertops since they can’t be sealed as well against moisture.

An Under-mount Sink

Vessel sinks

They are often installed above-counter, which means that the sink’s bottom sits directly on top of the vanity. A vessel sink may be partially recessed into the counter, but more than half of it will still be visible above it. Vessel sinks attract a lot of attention and are a great way to make an impression in your bathroom. It is essentially a giant bowl, so it’s a wonderful option if you want a deep sink that holds a lot of water. This elevated basin is definitely beautiful, but cleaning around the sink’s base and back might be difficult. Also, careful planning of the counter height and cabinet height is essential to ensure that the sink does not become too high and difficult to use.

Pedestal sinks

A pedestal sink is a wonderful alternative if you want a basic wall-mounted sink but your waste pipe must run through the floor and cannot be adjusted. The pedestal under the sink rests between the underside of the sink and the floor, hiding any water pipes. A pedestal sink is also visually beautiful and ideal for creating a traditional feel in your bathroom. There won’t be any storage space beneath the sink, and there won’t be any counter space surrounding it. Because there is frequently a space between the wall and the rear of the pedestal, this design can also be difficult to clean around.


These sinks are also known as floating sinks, and they are mounted directly to the wall. They don’t sit on a counter or a vanity, making them ideal for small bathrooms. The exposed piping on wall-mount sinks may be used as a design element, and a towel bar can be connected beneath. These sinks are great for supporting your small-bathroom remodel ideas. A wall-mounted sink eliminates the need for cupboards below it, saving space and allowing more visible floor space, making the room appear larger. To have a clean look, the plumbing, including the waste, should be positioned inside the wall. Console sinks are wall-mounted sinks with additional legs for support.

Total cost

As expected, price plays a significant role in your selection. Sinks come in a wide range of styles and colors, but they are only one aspect of a bathroom. Of course, they get a lot of usage on a regular basis, but before you get one, make sure you remain within your budget. Remember that this is a long-term investment; most sinks will last 5-10 years with good maintenance, so make sure you choose a durable material.


Do yourself a favor and stick to your budget by selecting a sink style that will stand the test of time and make you happy for years to come. Sinks have a great visual appeal that may make any bathroom look better. The way you interact with your sink has an impact on how it feels. Some types are timeless and traditional, while others reflect modernity, so it’s also important to pick the one that fits you best. Here, at Design Depot bathroom remodeling, we offer many popular choices when it comes to choosing the right sink for your bathroom. You can use our Design Depot bathroom visualizer to help you make the best choice.